Subject Access Request Policy

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Valley Education Services (VES) is committed to operating openly, transparently, and to meeting all reasonable lawful requests for information that are not subject to specific exemption under the Data Protection Act 1998.


Making a Subject Access Request (SAR)

  • In first instance all applicants should contact us via email at dataprotection@valleyeducation.co.uk or by calling 01685 788018 to obtain an SAR Request Form.
  • The following requirements must be met for a SAR to be valid:
  1. The application must submit a written SAR form
  2. The applicant must supply two forms of identification: (1) identification with a photograph and signature e.g. passport, and (2) identification with proof of name and address e.g. a recent bank statement or utility bill (issued in the last three months).
  3. The applicant must supply any further information that is reasonably required to assist us in locating information relevant to the request

How we process Subject Access Requests

  • We will first need to ensure we have enough information to confirm your identity. If we have any cause to doubt your identity we will ask you to provide any reasonable evidence we need to confirm your identity.
  • We will identify if any of the information gathered was provided by or identifies a third party. If we identify information that relates to a third party we will take all reasonable steps to establish whether this information can be disclosed. We are not required to disclose information relating to a third party, unless they have provided consent. We will also edit information that may affect another party’s privacy, and if necessary summarise the information provided (rather than provide a full copy of the document).
  • Once we have confirmed identification, resolved any queries around the applicant’s request, and gathered the relevant information, we will issue our response electronically via our secure email service, or if requested, via hard copy. Hard copy responses will be sent via Royal Mail recorded delivery in an envelope or package ‘Private and Confidential’ and ‘Addressee Only’.

The Cost of Subject Access Request

  • VES do not routinely charge a fee for SAR. However, if you have requested a hard copy response then we reserve the right to charge the actual cost of sending the response by Royal Mail recorded delivery. If you do not want to pay this charge, then you may choose to receive your response electronically at no charge.

Timeframe for responding to Subject Access Requests

  • The Data Protection Act states that a full response must be sent within 40 calendar days starting from the date when we receive all the information necessary to identify you and identify the information requested.

Ground for not complying with Subject Access Requests

  • Under the Data Protection Act we have a number of exemptions to our duty to disclose personal data, and we may seek legal advice if we find one or more of these exemptions may apply to the request. Details of these exemptions can be found on the Information Commissioner’s Office (ICO) website.
  • If you have made a previous subject request we must respond only if a reasonable interval has elapsed since this previous request was made. We will define a reasonable interval by reviewing the elapsed time, nature of information, and changed that have occurred since the last request was made.

What to do if you identify inaccurate information in our records

  • If you identify an error in the information that we hold please notify us as soon as possible. If we believe that the information given was inaccurate we will then take reasonable steps to correct the information, or, remove the inaccurate information by deletion or confidential destruction. If we find that that information provided was accurate, or we are unable to make a decision as to the accuracy of the information, we will keep a note of the alleged error on the file.

What to do if you want us to stop processing your data

  • You have the right to ask us to delete or completely stop processing some or all of your data under Section 10 of the Data Protection Act. The right to prevent processing applied in certain limited circumstances, and specific processes must be complied with to make the objection. Further information regarding this may be found on the Information Commissioners Officer (ICO) we will respond to an objection notice within 21 days of receipt, and in writing, advising that we have either complied with your request, intend to comply with it, or state the extent to which we will comply with it and why (section 10, Data Protection Act).

If you have any queries regarding your Subject Access Request or would like further information on the procedure please call the office on 01685 788018.

Please find the Subject Access Form here.



Updated: 1st September 2021

Review date: 1st September 2022


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