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NQT’s on Supply

VES has a team of dedicated Account Managers who are committed to finding you the prefect placement within your local area!  Working with VES during your NQT year can offer you extra support during this transition phase. All our Account Managers are on-hand to offer you advice and support 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Working as a Teacher on supply basis can offer you the change to work in short- and long-term placements, which are great ways for NQTs to build up a range of experiences.

If you are a Student Teacher or a NQT and seeking work VES will make your move into teaching a lot easier. Your Account Managers will ensure that they find you a role that fits your skills and experience. Register today and we will refund you the cost of your DBS once you have worked 5 days with us.

Benefits of working for VES:

  • We fully comply with AWR
  • As a framework agency ALL our teachers are paid at least the minimum rate of £141.71
  • Accredited training courses (free of charge)
  • Guaranteed Payment Schemes (GPS)
  • Work in local schools
  • Refer a friend and get £100 (once they have worked 10 days)
  • We will refund the cost of your DBS (once you have worked 5 days)
  • No timesheets

Top Tips for NQTs

  1. Remain open minded and enthusiastic.  
  2. Check out VES’ free online courses, they can be very useful! We offer Autism Awareness, Manual Handling, PREVENT and First Aid.
  3. If you have any questions then always ASK. Whether in school, via your Account Manager or the EWC. 
  4. Make sure you spend a little time away from the stresses of the NQT year. 
  5. Don’t worry if you do not complete your NQT year by July. If you are working on supply, you are given flexibility to continue your days into the next academic year.
  6. Its important to enjoy every experience as teaching provides an huge range of great learning opportunities.

NQT Induction

Induction can be completed via short term supply teaching work, and there is no time limit on how long you have to complete your Induction after you have gained Qualified Teacher Status (QTS).

If you are completing Induction via supply work you are required to complete a minimum of 380 sessions, a full day’s work is classed as 2 sessions.  1 session is defined as a full morning, or afternoon’s teaching as a qualified teacher. Sessions completed as a school Learning Support Assistant/Cover Supervisor cannot count towards induction.

All periods of employment which you undertake as a qualified Teacher of one school session or more must count towards your Induction period and must be recorded with the EWC. There is no flexibility regarding this and you, or schools cannot request that a period of employment does not count towards Induction. Short term supply work undertaken prior to September 2012 cannot count towards Induction.

Submission of paperwork

If you are an NQT undertaking supply work you must submit the Induction as a Short Term Supply Teacher notification form (Form 3 – click the link below to access the forms)

https://www.ewc.wales/site/index.php/en/induction/forms.html to EWC as soon as you start your employment. Once the EWC have received and processed your form they will email you with details on how to create your MyEWCaccount, and also how to record your supply sessions with EWC.

If your employment circumstances change at any point during your Induction please contact Professional Development and Funding for advice.

Logging short term supply sessions

In addition to logging sessions with EWC you are also required to have your sessions verified by the schools you have worked at. These should be recorded in the record of attendance section of your Induction profile. The record of attendance form for short term supply teachers (Form 4 – click the link below to access forms) https://www.ewc.wales/site/index.php/en/induction/forms.html is maintained offline and then uploaded to your Induction profile in line with the timescales set out in your profile.  Make sure you get your supply day signed by the Head teacher or Senior member off staff at the end of the day.

Allocation of External Verifiers (EVs)

All NQTs undertaking Induction in Wales are allocated an external verifier (EV). Once an EV has been allocated their name will be visible via your MyEWC account. Your EV will contact you directly via email.

EAS Region Professional Learning

EAS are offering NQT supply teacher who are completing induction across the EAS region the chance to access professional learning, there are several start dates available, if you complete a prolonged period of supply in one school then the school may be able claim funding from the EWC at the end of the Supply period and release the NQT to attend sessions. If you are interested, please contact Hannah Barry on 07904 644731.

Professional Learning Passport

 As an NQT is essential that you record all your professional Learning.

This is an easy to use platform which is designed to benefit and meet the needs to EWC restraints.

We recommend that all registrants make use of the tool to record their professional learning to reflect on and improve practice. However, all NQTs undertaking their induction year must use the passport to access their induction profile.


Welsh Government Hwb

Sign up to the Welsh Government Hwb (Digital Learning for Wales) to keep up to date with new developments with the new curriculum. You Can also download resources for the classroom. 


We recommend that all registrants make use of the tool to record their professional learning as a way to reflect on and improve practice. However, all NQTs undertaking their induction year must use the passport to access their Induction profile.

It's an easy-to-use platform designed specifically to meet the needs of EWC registrants.

It allows you to upload and share documents, videos, presentations, and audio files.

It also gives you access to EBSCO, an online portal to over 4,500 academic journals and e-books.





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